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CAT III WEEK9 PT2-A - iron fist of proletarian dictatorship...

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daughter willing to be a sex slave - good soul, do well father- still apprehensive thinking about the situation at hand decided to only sleep young guy busy at work calling the woman Xiaomei trying to find the woman TENSION IS INCREDIBLE angry like hell takes out the political armband HAS TO DO IN JUSTIFYING TERMS “how can live in such a small house” TAKING TREMENDOUS DELIGHT “both willing to do it, dispensation of Providence” throws the Mao Red Book “so bold to do that” young man- totally frustrated girl- collect firewood young man- so angry followed by the crazy soldier harassed sexually “becoming my woman!” man going crazy- angry... WEARING MAO BADGE shaking bush- violent wind We are Chairman Mao’s Red Guards Xiaomei has become my woman
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- waving the banner- DELUSIONAL-POLITICS screaming for the window to come out- still have banner in hand
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Unformatted text preview: iron fist of proletarian dictatorship!!! don’t mess with me- you will forget it! confrontation with Xiaomei young girl killed deflowered and killed her debts of blood must be paid running after the young guy with the axe widow just walking back to her home brief fight with the old guy old guy killed. .. I was not deliberate They are trying to make a die for it Served them right Heaven wills it this way Nobody is to blame for that Live a quiet life without them Let us life a happy life together Can cary them away, no one except us knows it you and me are sharing this secret live like a city person - better years-ramblings of the delusional soldier :( Banner still waving in the sand. .. red sky???- innocent blood spilt. .....
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CAT III WEEK9 PT2-A - iron fist of proletarian dictatorship...

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