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RECOVERING OF LOST HISTORIES- BLUE KITE CULTURAL REVOLUTION probably the most taboo of all the subjects- inclined to remember HOT BUTTON issue films... The ________ Massacre - most difficult one, fairly recent (20 years) not much background---> June 4 1989 ground-swell political involvement... started off course with - taking looks at documentaries ... Red Flag 1976 - 1990s Long 1989 - suffered from heart attack campus- big posters-- - some dude in glasses Tiananmen Square seized the occasion- political situation right to form student union, end of government corruption Long April 27 Great Hall of the People----> funeral service ended people hesitant went home- not expressed their feelings some allowed through police file petition to the government Jung other two went up to Great Hall- knelt “ I knelt on one knee” “felt humiliated, all types of feelings welled up” “tears running” no officials came to receive them emotional impact- supplication to govt- more protests in following days April 26 students- warned to stop demonstrations
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activities “turmoil” Peng Di- Deputy Editor view of the Central Committee- the leaders gets so much attention- giving orders to whole country Liu Jianmei - turmoil - express our feelings
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