CAT III WEEK8 PT1 - subject of deathcomes up in every...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-17-2011subject of deathcomes up in every lifepanorama- earthquake- get to know a lot of peopleunderstand their concernsearthquake film- cultural rituals in local communitiesin other words- how they died- important- said a lot about thisdifferent subjectsreason why so upset in earthquake filmhow their bodies were handled- burial riteshappiest/saddest moment in life? celebrate the New Year properly- going back- religious (almost) sacred thingwholeness and keeping the family together*agreement on the proper way * have to eat as many as they can (could)* could not do that- cheated- not celebrating the arrival of Lunar New Yearsaddest moment in life- e.g. bogus New Yearburying- against the accepted social normsso poor- place body on ground in hole and cover face with clothdefined in slightly different waycircumstances- don’t allow important things to be done in proper waytendency to blame the state- erode the state legitimacy why think the Nationalist government fell from poweranswer: loss of legitimacyritual things- expected and measured their lives- could not be donetalking about these things- cost the government againpeople became HIV positiveselling blood to the armyin this particular case- controversial in the 20th centuryall the more sensitive* quite seriousnot focus so much on AIDS as suchpeople are sick, that is truenot dwell so much on that- the language used by the family- members face death* how do they talk about themselves- the past- their lives* starting off with a religious ritual- how to face their plightthe role of rituals...
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CAT III WEEK8 PT1 - subject of deathcomes up in every...

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