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CAT III WEEK8 PT2 - good to have independent voices voices...

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5-19-2011 good to have independent voices voices- independent of the government turning point- no longer avoided- 2001 moving on to - recovering of lost histories start if off- subject of lost histories did not hear anything about it e.g. issues of civil rights, slavery, lynching e.g. no black athletes in sports issue of lost histories e.g. treatment of excluded Asians field of history- propaganda work? because interest in lost history- official version of history- what is not being told playing the role of independent voice- know about that- upset sometimes things like voting rights, suffrage for women, gender equality women history- not dealt in history textbooks happen everywhere China- same kinds of problems independent film-makers- need to know who you are and where you are from today’s film fairly early in underground in film-making- 1993 Blue Kite full production values/quality look like a movie feature film focusing on a family set in Beijing all about family (ies) experiences seen through a boy parents- teacher and librarian excited about New China promised after 1949
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1950s what issues does this film explore??? - top two or three dealing with under that heading what surprises you about this film did not expect to see children frolicking in the street people walking around This place is Dry Well Lane -grew up here parents- carrying furniture into the houses neighbors congratulating each other on house and marriage stopping conversation at the mention of Stalin stop wedding for ten days due to Stalin’s death open house greeting many neighbors to new house wedding ceremony has begun!!!
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