CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "The Box"

CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "The Box" - what...

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4/28/11 what did you actually learn about the universal local? The Box Universal Local- the headings think of the space= e.g. the box = space space in different kinds of modules claustrophobic feel what is going on these people’s lives--- occurring in these people’s scenarios (?) comparing the lives of the people in a spacial sense---> heroine in Crying Woman ---> loser in for Every Minute that I live ---> neither can find love in social spaces- in their own ways- neither has succeeded ---> but they love each other in the space- the box thinking was fixed not sensitive to kids’ feeling - raised by them but not bathed in the sun - introverted , very short of love - felt it wasn’t the love I wanted - in childhood- mother out of the town- often business trips - kids tend to so actually, elder bully the younger - good to each other - felt hopeless at the moment - wish to be protected, yet my dad disliked me, hated all the family - -- hated girls - mother- couldn’t see even wanted-- not on good terms with partners--- vented anger on me --- neither expected the best of children---> I was the weakest, often beat love for a girl- may be related to the factor that I did not realize before what is family- afraid of parents when young whom you love better? The Box like the girl very much- I kissed her kissing a girl is different moment was beautiful involved nothing else -- became intimate friends learned nothing lived on 200 yuan a month-- compete with that boy- tiring self-paid higher education
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close friends- no physical relationship- really pure refused to be kissed afterwards
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CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "The Box" - what...

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