CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "Living in 60 Seconds"

CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "Living in 60...

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Unformatted text preview: CAT III NOTES 4/26/11 Local- meaning of our local category ... China... US... India aware of national identities and orientations conscious of global citizenship much less understanding of centrality of local being/essence spacial- orientation---> much important in our daily lives subnational- sub local essence metaphor of the pendulum dropping race for economic survival all about the winners- know--- a lot of publicity For every Minute that I live, Will enjoy Divorcee- talking about family and academic life unemployed- no money, house, job having nothing more than a sincere heart give you my phone number??? mother- mental problems my mother doing alone everyday- feeding the dog worked for 15 yeras altogether laid off- superiors were corrupt framed once again-- unable to raise a child--I have big fortune--- spent much money on them no emotional connections money- prompts them to come earn very much swamped by pressure from society and life unsociable gloomy, people are indifferent social has changed very fast all these strains- are you afraid of them social decides what she likes today If I get depressed now, I will be bitter late on too character is vey good myself am prudent...
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CAT III WEEK5 Movie- "Living in 60...

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