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CAT III WEEK4 Movie- "The Last Train Home"

CAT III WEEK4 Movie- "The Last Train...

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Lecture 4-19-2010 universal local - more of a spacial thing - live in a spacial way- throughout history - - spacial issue- where is home? - question think about in all material not an easy question quite interesting home issue- no property, home “ i feel like a loser” - e.g. marriage competition is fierce - good morals and financial considerations way people think--> how many people have nation as primary loyalty- spacial sense how widespread is nationalism? ---> willing to pick up a gun for nation? e.g. willing to put yourself at risk... defend ... behavior- don’t know always what motivate it doesn’t necessarily follow - local identities that people have in spacial dimension once outside that space---> cold home---> defined in other ways than the government’s opinions ---> ---> ---> universal local about people who have particularistic allegiances - pendulum swung from collective to personal-- “on the ropes”- migrant workers - e.g. China -- 130 billion migrant workers- hit the road- how much do they think about home in terms of self - new environment- another kind of home migrant worker- strange, alien place “false, surrogate” home leaving children behind instability + fragility= main theme every year- sacred event-- Lunar Year families go home “tomorrow, let’s all go home” - e.g. trouble on the transportation system
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China’s economy-- 1980s-90s fractured family lives? to what extent do the migrant see the big city as home? to what extend do see themselves as first and foremost Chinese citizens? what chance do they have in attaining a family, livelihood---> own property and home? LAST TRAIN HOME hundreds of workers getting ready for the annual trip home running around--- going on to the transportation systems screaming happily 130 million migrant workers in China- go home once a year- during Chinese New Year
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CAT III WEEK4 Movie- "The Last Train...

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