CAT III WEEK4 Movie "Last..." Pt 2

CAT III WEEK4 Movie "Last..." Pt 2 - Part...

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Part 2 Last Train Home people sleeping in bed new morning in the busy city workers throwing out the garments from window citizens eating noodles on the street father strolling in the busy hallways visiting his daughter “your work is tiresome” “wanted her to take you home” - father “not tired, just drowsy” -- wanted to visit you -- what is your plan now “I will wait and see” - 17 and going on 18 -- what do you want to do do -- you shouldn’t be like us --- you quit school. .. “how else am I working” eating food together -- think it through carefully --- your brother gets worried about you everybody working on the sewing machines -- how are you doing -- your mom is here, talk to her “how have you been?” -- still trimming threads? you understand how difficult is to make money” -- we are going back home for the New Year -- go back to school? -- decided yet? should think it over. .. daughter looking at some stuffed weasel
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mother and father heading up to the factory they greet daughter happily setting up the bed blankets daughter gloomily sitting there- playing with the weasel walking off, encountering thousands of workers in similar living conditions -- follow me, be careful --- do you think this is funny blocked by the police --- why don’t people get through/ line up? handing out the cargo - can’t stand anymore - this way is blocked, are trains still coming - no trains? - now they tell us there are no trains daughter gloomily glancing at the floor people pushing each other hectic scene passengers trying to fight against the police? -- which way should we go? what is going on? police greeting the passengers -- please be patient and orderly some passengers crying police shouting at each other -- please remain orderly and don’t push father and mother are pressured by the strain soldiers --- “your officers will hold the other side”
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CAT III WEEK4 Movie "Last..." Pt 2 - Part...

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