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CAT III WEEK4 DISCUSSION - same school close by consider...

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Notes Universal Local Concept of Home Migrant- major part of life fragmented idea of home - universal How do you know “ you are local” local vs home know geography very well (geographical knowledge) familiarity (comfort) and or being local- may or may not be familiar traditions and customs do exist language incorporated in way we speak climate - regardless of style linguistic familiarity places- criteria- local I’m from there particular social institution connected to home think about family Ideas of Homes frequent communication peace in family healthy morals safe environment Local (urban) restaurants city library quiet- safe hood banks near beach --- Ideal of home----> characteristics Homes Local
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calm freeway, marketplace, karaoke center, gas stations peaceful matters what place you are from live and spend time in- broader context social institution home- groups of people- spend time with expand on other interests home--> UCSD racial diversity geographical distinctions- interactions establishing social life
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Unformatted text preview: same school- close by consider live where? close proximity tend to live same support of friends, family--> variety of communities Last Train Home MOM DAD GIRL BROTHER GRANDMOTHER FRIENDS OF FACTORY DEAD GRANDFATHER GUY WITH PANTS Relationship- from locally= not much to do with home relationship to home- specific aspect of life family- ecstatic - concept alienated social communities- family & friends institutions and habits and customs freedom does not equal to family consider- part of country people positive concept- situations unified vs complicated does not equal---> enough-->> home does not equal---> spread out ---> > good/bad complicated family dynamics thinking about institutions visual aesthetic structured films girl--- lack of strong institutions lack of support dangerous huge amount of freedom shape of countryside film alternative points of view explaining story- filmed differently type of music-pop...
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CAT III WEEK4 DISCUSSION - same school close by consider...

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