CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Queer as Folk"

CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Queer as Folk" -...

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Lec 6 4 14 2011 question for us today: let us look at film--- gay community threat to Communist Party??? Queer as Folk view on homoxeusality not openly debated topic accepted- personal choice don’t really believe it exists grey area--> something beyond comprehension something normal most people can’t really accept it perverts---> I cannot accept it it is normal. ..> social progress. .. social progress--- political answer Queer Glossies Ge Weiyun - editor for China International Magazine - make lesbian magazine? - - reactions are mixed - first magazine talking about homosexuality - knowing what love is a good thing - love is wonderful thing - may not know HOW to love - look at things from different perspective - telling to be careful - educate people about those issues --- Professor Wei fighting for their rights- very meaningful Racism in Bed - everything and anything gay - hot topic for talking Fan Min Ge - restaurant- sleeping with someone in bed - even more in the gay community - rice queen, potato queen potato queen- Caucasians
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foreigners only date Chinese? - good looking
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CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Queer as Folk" -...

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