CAT III WEEK3 After Movie Discussion

CAT III WEEK3 After Movie Discussion - early Chinese...

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a lot of underground films- low budget not cost a lot of money to make it anything surprise you? gay publications in China? yes, there are. .. not illegal but difficult to find - health education---> concern for AIDS? ---> information- get out may shut down- but come back again international- transnational component fully integrated- local community- area related to homosexuality one of the hopes---> interesting to see mixing (e.g. attitudes) leaves impression--- all new to China- opened up have gay sexuality as a force there gayness- prohibited during the reign of Mao something that had not existed in China
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Unformatted text preview: early Chinese history---> gay sexuality- for so many years quite interesting- historically---> documented by scholars---- bisexual- look at literature in China- classical times--- ancient times to 20th century---- aspect of Chinese life back in more globalized sense another interesting point people who were unhappy with this development---> only because we opened up to foreign culture---> wrong argument? pressure- cultural norms to get married--> historically- gay people have married last point---> little fast---> arrested in gay bars pose a threat to Communist Party?...
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