CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Starkers"

CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Starkers" - Lecture...

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Lecture Video Lecture 5 Starkers practicing swimming motion What are you doing -performance artist- press hard what is he doing with those kids. .. cab broke down a lot of artists in my field- I am deranged Van Gogh- crazy but produced great works compassionate heart we all die sooner or later I hope you can - understand me so as long as you understand yourself various poses certain reverence- like a photo of a little girl with hands up in charge of a restaurant I want to be an actor- Sai Fu and Merris please direct me in the script I have written offer your grace i’d like you to be my mentors I remember the year we first met that was in the wind and rain. .. I walked through the rain Fang Min- Colleague - psychotic - it is going to come bite him - it will probably get worse - hurt everyone- very tough for him you’ll get down in history Van Gogh was the same
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friend - immature child - feel like big sister - doesn’t act age - never met a model like him
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CAT III WEEK3 Movie- "Starkers" - Lecture...

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