CATIII WEEK2 "Mao Years Continuation"

CATIII WEEK2 "Mao Years Continuation" -...

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Discussion Notes figure in 1976 not completely disowned still revered Lin Biao 1971 (death) Mao was seventy percent right shift into a pragmatic reformist policy followed into the 80s Cultural Revolution chaotic years came in 1976 1977 1978 how did it happen? who is really responsible for the event? Mao supported the Red Guards and rebels persuade to attack the parties which threatened his policies attack those against the Enemy- Old Enemies rebel against those outside of the party work for the nationalist- civil war period collaborate with the Japanese corrupt Landlords rebel against those outside of the party makes a threat Xian conference excesses of the Great Leap Forward “raise my own Red Army to crush what I built”. .. moderation? what does Mao want? idealistic vision of society continuing the revolution utopian view- revolution- can’t do when you are aiming for- can’t slow down charge forward to produce steel neglecting agriculture agriculture- foundation of heavy industry relationship with Soviet and US proxy in Vietnam and Korea see what it leads to
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CATIII WEEK2 "Mao Years Continuation" -...

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