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CAT III WEEK1 MOVIE "Mao Years" Discussion

CAT III WEEK1 MOVIE "Mao Years"...

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CAT III Professor Pickowicz 1949-76 = Mao years subject of identity who are we we need to ask what sources of identities people has what today is coming out of need to know about Mao years what sort of identities did people have previously supposed to have during Mao era hard to measure what is going on now, unless knowing the backdrop what do I mean about identities? talk alot about in discussions who are we as individuals, in terms of relationships with other peoples long list of identities hierarchy of identities
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Unformatted text preview: no two lists are the same asking the question= what sort of identities did people in China have today? where were we in the past? where are we now? where are we going in the future? where have we been? what sort of identities did people supposed to have during the Mao years? based on films. ..---Who are we. .. ? where have we been? want to think about it visual materials. .. get better. .. what did i learn how do I take it apart? students go out to work and armies...
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