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1 Using SAM3 and Skype to do call-in shows or Dual DJ Method 1 – Skype Audio goes to Broadcast Stream, Skype Listener Hears DJ Only Equipment Needed Patch cable (3.5mm stereo male to male) 2 sound cards (one onboard, one PCI card is fine) Sound card A is dedicated to Skype. In this example, it is a Creative Sound Blaster PCI. We’ll call it (Skype Card) Sound card B is dedicated to SAM. In this example, it is an on-board NVIDIA nForce Audio. We’ll call it (SAM Card). Configuring Skype The version of Skype depicted in the screenshots is 2.5. In Skype, click Tools, Options, Sounds. Click Mute All Sounds . Click Tools, Options, Sound Devices. Set Audio In and Audio Out to card A (Skype Card). Uncheck Let Skype adjust my sound device settings . Click Save .
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2 Physical Connections to the sound cards Let’s assume you use a PC headset to DJ. Plug the microphone of your headset into Mic In on Card A (Skype – the Creative SB in this example). Plug the headphones of your headset into Speaker Out on Card B (SAM – NVIDIA nForce in this example). Run your patch cable (male to male 3.5mm stereo) from Speaker Out on Card A to the Mic In jack on Card B . SAM Configuration We’re using SAM 3.4.3 in the examples here. Open SAM. Click the Config button in the Voice FX window: Set Record driver to DirectSound recorder. Set Record soundcard device to Card B (SAM Card). Summary: When you hit the Mic button in the VoiceFX window, the feed comes from Card A (Skype). You are running your broadcast microphone through Card A (Skype), so your conversation and the audio coming in from your caller via Skype are pre-mixed into a single audio signal which is then passed to SAM through your patch cable to Mic In on Card B . If Skype drops, you only lose your caller. Your broadcast mic feed still works because it is passing directly through
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Using_SAM3_and_Skype - Using SAM3 and Skype to do call-in...

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