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hw1_Solution_Part II - The learning curve for Part(D is...

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README (version 1.0, copyright: Chenxi Zeng 2009-2012) 1. The code works in VC++ 2005 or higher version, when you run the demo, please make sure that the training file’s name is “train.dat”, and the test file’s name is “test.dat”. (The dat files are opened as txt files.) 2. Accuracy is based on the certain data set. 3. Code explanation or comment is added in the source file. 4.
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Unformatted text preview: The learning curve for Part (D) is attached below: (Red curve shows the performance on training set, and black curve shows the performance on test set) The curve basically shows the normal change of the accuracy: As the complexity of the data increases, the performance on the training data increases and the performance on the test data decreases when the overfitting problem comes out....
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