Assignment 3'-Long Memo - of people we have which means...

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CS 5301 Assignment: Long Memo Due on Jan. 23, 2008 Student: Chenxi Zeng UTD-ID: 11124236
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MEMORANDOM DATE: January 23, 2008 TO: Faculty and Staff of UT Dallas FROM: Chenxi Zeng SUBJECT: Computer System Update is Unnecessary Since some of you advise to update our current computer system last month, I have done some research on it. My conclusion and suggestion is that we do not need to update it. There are some reasons as follows: 1. Most of the computers in computer labs and offices were bought after 2005, that is to say, they are currently in good condition, and could be used for another 5 years or longer. 2. A report says the number of computers is much more than the number
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Unformatted text preview: of people we have, which means that we do not need to buy new computer any more. 3. Our school system is well done. The WebCT System works perfect, as system breakdown seldom happened last year. 4. We should save our budget as we have a lot of things to do. We plan to introduce a few new professors next semester, which will cost much and is more important. 5. Updating computer system costs much time, which means we cannot use our system safely at the beginning of this semester. Therefore, it is not necessary to upgrade our computer system at present. Please feel free to talk to Dean’s secretary if you still have questions. Cheers, /Chenxi Zeng/...
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Assignment 3'-Long Memo - of people we have which means...

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