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Assignment 1-Techonology and Communication

Assignment 1-Techonology and Communication - method human...

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Technology and Communication Student: Chenxi Zeng UTD-ID: 11124236 Generally speaking, technology is a consequence of science and engineering in human society, communication is a process that allows people to exchange information by several methods. Is there any relationship between them? Today, I am going to discuss it. Firstly, technology has affected ways of communication so much, it is technology sometimes that has changed the usual method of communication. For example, people usually used mail to exchange information circa a century ago. Several decades years later, phone became popular to communicate. Recently, all kinds of new tools have come out, such as cell phones, emails. Similarly, people now could acknowledge news from newspaper, television, and Internet, not only newspaper before. It is very clear to see how communication profits by techonology. Secondly, Communication could also change the way of technology, that is, the
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Unformatted text preview: method human beings use to communicate could also influence the way technology develops. The invention of phone, cell phone and net-phone is to make people convey the information much better and conveniently. So do the television, web page, etc. In other words, communication plays an important role in technology developing. Moreover, we should know technology and communication are very close. Without communication, technology could not be expressed clearly, and then could not be used correctly. If people do not use technology, communication could be based on just paper and mouth, there will not be so many tools for exchanging information. In one word, technology and communication have a very close relation. Besides, we should learn how to communicate well when we study the technology, and I think that is why we could take this course in this semester....
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