Lecture1 - What is Physics Welcome to Physics 1A The...

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Welcome to Physics 1A Dr. Christel Sutterley (Smith) What is Physics? “The science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force,” from greek “physis” which means “nature” Observe natural phenomena and write laws to explain it Richard Feynman - the principle of science , the deFnition, almost is the following: The test of all knowledge is experiment. Vast – dealing with the smallest scales to largest scales Biophysics: using physical principles to study biological systems, i.e., protein folding, interactions between DNA, RNA, and protein biosynthesis… What is Physics? Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics: understanding how the universe works on subatomic scales Large Hadron Collider Four Fundamental forces in Nature: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak, and Strong What is Physics Astrophysics and Astronomy: physics of the universe. - trying to understand the physics of celestial objects such as stars, galaxies, planets, and black holes, the interactions between these objects, along with their birth and death. This Quarter Focus on the basics of force and motion. Who is this person speaking to us? I am lecturer in the physics department at UCSD. I got my BS from UCLA in astrophysics and played for the water polo team. I earned my PhD in 2009 from UCSD in physics, specializing in theoretical astrophysics under Professor George Fuller. Took a postdoctoral research position at ASU before coming back to San Diego.
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The Syllabus Posted on course website: http://physics.ucsd.edu/students/courses/ winter2012/physics1a/
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Lecture1 - What is Physics Welcome to Physics 1A The...

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