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Lecture 1/17/12 Chapter 41 Nutrition Big Questions / Learning Objectives 1. What are the classes of essential nutrients and why are they “essential”?* 2. Explain why animals hydrolyze macromolecules and then use the products of hydrolysis to make macromolecules? 3. Why is it important that digestion is extracellular? 4. What advantages are afforded by a compartmentalized digestive system? 5. Offer a likely explanation for why digestion begins in different compartments for polysaccharides, polypeptides (proteins), and polynucleotides (DNA and RNA)? 6. Describe the major functions of each compartment of the human alimentary canal, including the accessory glands. 7. How is surface area an important property of both a bolus of food and the lining of the small intestine? 8. What is the function of the three types of cells in gastric pits of the stomach? 9. Describe the role of positive feedback in activation of the zymogen form of pepsin.
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