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Español 1210 Composición # 3 Tema: En casa You are a reporter for the Cornell Daily Sun , and have your own weekly column called: “La VACA” ( V ida A cadémica en C ornell A hora). This week’s column is about how students’ daily routine at Cornell influences their housing preferences . Write your name and the date of your column Greet your readers ( amigos lectores ) and, as an introduction, talk about the topic of this week ´s column and the reasons you are writing about it. Talk about a typical day in the life of a student at Cornell (daily routine) and how this influences students’ housing preferences (location, cost, type of housing, having roommates or not, etc.). Don´t forget to explain the reasons. As a conclusion, talk about what you want your readers to take from your column this week. Say good bye to your readers. ( Hasta la próxima semana, amigos lectores
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