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3. Research Design (a) Objectives: 1. How successful has the implementation of a ban on texting been in other states? Source: Phone Use and Crashes While Driving by McEvoy et al. (14); There’s No Way to Enforce a Texting While Driving Ban by Radley Balko (2); “AAA Campaign Aims to Pass Texting While Driving Bans in All 50 States by 2013” by AAA (1). 2. What is the relationship between texting while driving and traffic accidents both fatal and non-fatal? Source: An Examination of Driver Distraction as Recorded in NHTSA Databases by
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Unformatted text preview: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (15); Reducing Distracted Driving: Regulation and Education to Avert Traffic Injuries and Fatalities by Gostin et al. (11); Statistics and Facts About Distracted Driving by U.S. Department of Transportation (9); Text Messaging During Simulated Driving by Drews et al. (8). Are Driving Simulators Effective Tools for Evaluating Novice Drivers Hazard Anticipation, Speed Management, and Attention Maintenance Skills? by Chen et al. (6)....
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