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Appendix 1 – Legislative History State Legislation State Bill Legislative Summary Last Action Alabama 2010 AL H.B. 35 A bill to ban text messaging and use of handheld GPS devices while driving on Alabama’s highways and roads— which calls for primary enforcement. Provides fines for violations. 4/14/2010 Blocked in the Senate Judiciary Committee 2010 AL S.B. 196 A bill banning texting while driving and use of GPS devises. Provides fines for violations. 1/12/2010 Died in Senate Judiciary Committee Alaska 2009 AK H.B. 257 A bill to prohibit all uses of cellular
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Unformatted text preview: phones while driving. Does not permit cell phone use if a hands-free device is attached. Calls for primary enforcement. 3/19/2010 Died in Judiciary Committee 2009 AK H.B. 15 A bill to prohibit all uses of cellular phones while driving by minors. Calls for secondary enforcement. 3/23/2009 Died in Finance Committee Arizona 2010 AZ S.B. 1334 A bill to prohibit texting by all drivers unless a hands-free device or voice-activated function is employed. 3/23/2010 Referred to House Committee on Rules...
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