PAM ARKANSAS - by Governor 2007 CA S.B. 28 A bill...

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Arkansas 2009 AR H.B. 1013 A bill prohibiting drivers of motor vehicles from the use of hand held cellular telephones to text message. Violations to be regarded as primary offenses with fines of $100. 2/18/2009 Signed by Governor Act No. 181 California 2006 CA S.B. 1613 A bill mandating all cell-phone use to be hands-free while driving. Provides fines for violations. 9/15/2006 Signed
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Unformatted text preview: by Governor 2007 CA S.B. 28 A bill prohibiting the use of electronic wireless telecommunications devices to write, send, or read text messages while operating a vehicle. 9/24/2008 Signed by Governor Colorado 2009 CO H.B. 1094 A bill banning the use of text messaging for all drivers and cell phone use while driving by those under 18. 6/01/2009 Signed by Governor...
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