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Connecticut 2010 CT S.B. 427 A bill eliminating the states 2005 cell phone law’s one-time forgiveness policy for violators who then buy hands-free accessories. Includes an explicit ban on text messaging while driving. 6/03/2010 Signed by Governor 2009 CT H.B. 6060 A bill prohibiting a driver from typing a text message while operating the motor vehicle. 3/16/2009 Failed Joint Favorable deadline Delaware 2009 DE H.B. 229 A bill to ban text messaging, handheld
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Unformatted text preview: cell phone use, and internet activities while driving. Calls for primary enforcement 7/06/2010 Signed by Governor 2009 DE H.B. 40 A bill that allows cell phones to be used while operating a motor vehicle only when equipped with speakers or a hands-free accessory and prohibits the placing of or receiving of text messages or other text-based media. 6/18/2009 Died in the Public Safety Committee...
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