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District of Columbia 2004 Florida 2010 FL S.B. 328 A bill that would prohibit the use of an electronic communication device to send or receive text messages while driving. 5/30/2010 Died in committee. 2008 FL H.B. 193 A bill that would have prohibited drivers under the age of 18 from using cell phones entirely while driving and from text messaging while driving. (18 separate bills have been proposed) 5/02/2008 Died in council.
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Unformatted text preview: Georgia 2009 GA S.B. 360 A bill that would prohibit text messaging and related activities on cell phones while driving. Specifies the ban would not apply to cell phone calls. 6/04/2010 Signed by Governor Act No. 677 Illinois 2009 IL H.B. 71 A bill that prohibits text messaging while driving. Texting is permitted if the vehicle is stopped in traffic. 8/06/2009 Signed by Governor Public Act No. 130...
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