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Indiana 2010 IN H.B. 1279 A bill to prohibit texting or emailing while driving for all persons. Calls for primary enforcement. 2/08/2010 To Senate Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures Iowa 2009 IA H.B. 2456 A bill prohibiting text messaging while driving for all drivers. Calls for secondary enforcement. 4/1/2010 Signed by Governor Kansas 2009 KS S.B. 300 A bill prohibiting sending and
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Unformatted text preview: receiving text messages while driving which was added to the bill that was originally regarding Kansas’ vanity license plate operation. 5/24/2010 Signed by Governor Kentucky 2010 KY H.B. 415 A bill to create the Kentucky Adult Protection Act and prohibits individuals from writing, sending, or reading text messages while driving. 4/12/2010 Signed by Governor Act No. 110...
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