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Excel Case 2 - Custom Cap Sales

Excel Case 2 - Custom Cap Sales - EXCEL CASE 2 CUSTOM CAP...

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EXCEL CASE 2: CUSTOM CAP SALES CUSTOM CAP SALES: SALES DATA ANALYSIS SKILLS Apply cell styles Apply date and comma number formats Change the font color Create formulas using the SUM function Create charts using column chart types Format charts Merge cells and center their contents Modify column width Position a chart Resize a chart CASE SCENARIO Custom Caps in Paramus, New Jersey, sells baseball-style caps to stores who customize the caps with silk-screened or appliquéd designs. As an assistant in the accounting department, you have been asked to analyze sales data for the past five years and determine which types of caps are the most popular. Your manager provides the sales data in an Excel worksheet. Because you will eventually present this information to the sales representatives, your manager asks you to include a chart that summarizes the sales data and compare sales by type. To do so, you will use Excel’s 3-D chart feature.
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