PracticeExamList - **P-series **Ratio Test **Limit...

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A Checklist For Life David Imberti April 23, 2010 1 Introduction I thought that it might be helpful to you guys if you had a checklist for what major concepts I think you guys should know. 2 The List *Basic Vector Manipulation **Dot product ** cos ( θ ) **Cross Product **Projection *Area Integrals *Volume Integrals (integration by shells/disk/cylinders) *Work Integrals *Integration Tricks **Integral Substitution **Integration By Parts **Trigonometric Integrals **Trigonometric Substitution **Partial Fractions *Integral Approximation *Centroid/Center of Mass *Surface Integrals *Integral Comparison *Convergence/Divergence of Series **Term limits **Comparison Test **Geometric Series
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Unformatted text preview: **P-series **Ratio Test **Limit Comparison Test **Root Test **Integral Test **Alternating Series/Error Estimation *Power Series **Manipulating Geometric Series. I.e. Integrating/Dierentiating Power series. ** Sin ( ) power expansion ** Cos ( ) power expansion 1 ** e x power expansion **Binomial Series **McClaurin/Taylor Series Formula *Parametric Equations *Polar Coordinates 3 Thoughts Dont get overwhelmed by this list. A lot of these are really the same idea. Also, you probably know a lot more than you think you know. Take your time. Ask questions. Were going to have lots of time next week. 2...
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PracticeExamList - **P-series **Ratio Test **Limit...

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