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ci2 - COURSE INFORMATION — MA 220 221 222 223 and 224...

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Unformatted text preview: COURSE INFORMATION — MA 220, 221, 222, 223, and 224 Spring 2004 GRADES: There is a total of 600 points in the course. Homework and quizzes combined count 100 points. Each of the three mid-term exams counts 100 points, and the final exam counts 200 points. The final exam is a 25—question, multiple choice, machine graded exam, common final exam. A normalization process based on the common final exam is used to determine the number of each letter grade given in a section. The Department decides on an A—range, B—range, C—range, etc., for the final exam. Each instructor then gives the same number of A’s, B’s, C’s, etc., that his section earned on the final exam. The assignment of the letter grades is based on a students total score (a number between 0 and 600). For example, if in a particular section there are 8 A’s, 10 B’s, etc., on the final, the 8 students with the highest total score receive an A, the next 10 a B, and so on. HOMEWORK AND QUIZZES: Homework will be collected regularly. Late homework will not be accepted. There will be frequent quizzes. No make-up quizzes will be given. ACADEMIC ADJUSTMENTS: Students who have been certified by the Office of the Dean of Students—Adaptive Programs as eligible for academic adjustments should go to MATH 909 and request an Information Sheet for this semester, that explains how to proceed this semester to have these adjustments made in mathematics courses. It is not the same as last semester. This should be done during the first week of classes. Only students who have been certified by the ODOS—Adaptive Programs and who have requested ODOS to send their certification letter to their instructor are eligible for academic adjustments. Students who are currently undergoing an evaluation process to determine whether they are eligible for academic adjustments, are encouraged to find out now what procedures they will have to follow when they are certified, by requesting the above mentioned Information Sheet from MATH 909. Large print versions of the Information Sheet are available in MATH 909 upon request. OFFICE HOURS: Instructors have common office hours. Any student can get help from any of the instructors during their common office hours. After the first week of classes, the common office hour schedule is posted on each instructor’s door and on the course web page. You are strongly urged to go to someone’s office hours if you have questions. It is the best way to get individual help. SECTION CHANGES AND DROPS: There are no section changes allowed during the first week of classes. After that, until the end of the 9th week of the semester, see the instructor of the section you want to enter. The schedule of classes can be found on the Mathematics Department web page or at the main desk in MATH 835. If you want to drop a course during the first nine weeks of the semester, your instructor can sign your drop form. If your instructor is not available, go to MATH 909 or MATH 835. No section changes or drops are allowed after the first nine weeks of the semester. COURSE WEB PAGE: http://www.math.purdue.edu/courses/ IMPORTANT DATES: Last day to drop a course without it being recorded: Monday, January 26, 2004. Last day to drop a course without a grade: Monday, February 9, 2004. Last day to drop a course with a passing or failing grade: Wednesday, March 22, 2004. QUESTIONS: If you have any questions that your instructor cannot answer, go to MATH 835. ...
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