project - function project(u,w%last updated%PROJECT...

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function project(u,w) %last updated 5/9/94 %PROJECT Projecting vector U onto vector W orthogonally. Vectors % U and W can be either a pair of 2D or 3D vectors. A sketch % showing U being projected onto W is displayed sequentially. % % Use in the form ===> project(u,w) <=== FOR VERSION % or ===> project <=== 4.0 + % % In the latter case a menu of options is presented. One option % is a demo which randomly selects 2D or 3D. % %By: David R. Hill, Math Dept., Temple University, % Philadelphia, Pa. 19122 Email: [email protected] arrow='==>'; cont='Press ENTER to continue.'; head=' PROJECT vector U onto vector W'; errmess1='Too many or too few input arguments.'; errmess2='Input vectors not the same size.'; errmess3 = 'Input vectors not 2D or 3D.'; kindmenu=. .. ['You can enter a pair of 2D vectors or a pair of 3D vectors:'; ' <1> Demo '; ' <2> Enter two 2D vectors. '; ' <3> Enter two 3D vectors. '; ' '; ' <0> QUIT. ']; s0=' '; s1='Enter your choice. '; s2='Enter a pair of 2D vectors.'; s3='Enter a pair of 3D vectors.'; s4='The vector to project is U = '; s5='The vector to project onto is W = '; s6='Improper choice; try again.'; s7a='To enter a vector, include it entries between square brackets [. ...]'; s7b='with the entries separated by a space, then press ENTER.'; s8='P is the projection of U onto W.'; s9='Vectors must be real.'; mode=0; if nargin==1 | nargin > 2 disp([arrow ' ' errmess1]) return end if nargin==2 if sum(abs(imag(u)))~=0 | sum(abs(imag(w)))~=0 disp(s9),return end %Checking to make sure vectors are real. [mu,nu]=size(u);[mw,nw]=size(w);
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project - function project(u,w%last updated%PROJECT...

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