Aquinas and Ghazali

Aquinas and Ghazali - • mystic ◦ emphasis on tasting...

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10/25/11 Presentation Al-Ghazali 1055-1111 one of the most influential figures in Islam 1095-Spiritual crisis-->Sufism spent 10 yrs in seclusion before he returned to society sufism- focused on the esoteric and the mystical; focus on the self The Rescuer from Error explains his understanding of the truth throughout life what causes different sex to emerge? Knowledge should be secure from error sensory-necessary/rational four categories of knwledge seekers theologians-rely on opinion and speculation esotericists philosophers materialist naturalist- universe is created by one creator but has no afterlife theist- aristotle, plato, socrates
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Unformatted text preview: • mystic ◦ emphasis on tasting the state; difference between knowledge and practice • Thomas Aquinas ◦ influenced by Al-Ghazali + non-Christian philosophers ◦ italian-dominican priest of roman catholic church ◦ Summa Theologiae-prove the existence of god ▪ motion-attributes first movement to god ▪ efficient cause-everything we see around us is an effect of intermediary causes • what was the first cause? God. ▪ Necessary being ▪ gradation ▪ design and order ◦ kings should be subject to Priests Conformism (ghazali) • once you fall out, there is no easy way back • his essay is for the very educated people...
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