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Aristotle Politics I - Aristotle Politics Political...

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Aristotle Politics 9/29/11 Political association Defines the city as political association most sovereign form of association and aims at the highest good Associations different kinds of associations exist depending on different relationships first kind is found in the household, next the village, and finally the city man is by nature a political animal; it is in the city where humans find their nature, without a city they'd be worse than animals they have to live in groups- by having something they pursue together Household Associations Master-slave (a natural part of the household) aristotle defends slavery by saying that nature consists or ruling and ruled elements: some people are slaves by nature, while others are master by nature Deliberation Hierarchy: Master, free (male) have full deliberative capacity Women have deliberative ability, but limited Children have it but its immature a natural slave cannot deliberate at all Slaves – a contradiction to say that they are human beings but are also tools and property How do we recognize a natural slave? Aristotle argues that, on the whole, natural slaves are physically different from natural free people Justifying slavery Hunting slaves is a form of warfare; in case they don't want to submit, this sort of
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Aristotle Politics I - Aristotle Politics Political...

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