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Saint Augustine's City of God 10/20/11 Presentation: Date:354-430 Roman North Africa Province Purpose: Defending Christianity against Polytheism people blame Christ, but Augustine states that Christianity saved them Book I: War stuff; Marcus Regulus roman martyr- he was a polytheist and his gods did not protect him Lust/virtue in mind, rape does not take away virtue lust is not okay because it involves the mind Compassion for suicide, but still murder Lucretia- adultery or murder Romans praise her, but Augustine questions why. Why the obsession with rape? Suicide? Hypocrisy Book VIII True philosophers are lovers of God, who is identical to wisdom Plato- 3 philosophies-->all part of one giant philosophy moral
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Unformatted text preview: natural- speculation rational Plato believed Book XIV Two kinds of people rule of the flesh anything that is sinful/sinful parts of the soul/will acting incorrectly rule of the spirit Adam and Eve Sex always shameful because it does not come from the will; comes from lust which is detached from the will Book XIX Everything has some good because God created everything (even the devil and sinners) when sinners show guilt/anguish this shows that there is still some good within them Slavery first cause of slavery is sin slaves are slaves for a reason and its because god put them there as punishment Discussion The body naturally corrupt...
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