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Extra Credit: Language Development in the Elementary Years The article, Language Development in the Elementary Years, starts by explaining how and why language development is essential. Then it goes to discuss the important role parents play in the language development process and the need for parents to be involved. First and most importantly, this article explains the importance of language development and parental involvement. It explains that learning language is important to children and it shows that children are important. Also, I was happy to see that there were links to help parents with enhancing language development in their children. I think the message is very accurate and it brought up new ideas about language development about which I had not thought. As I read I was shocked by all the connections that I saw between class and this article. The first idea that caught my eye was the author taking about “biological and social/environmental factors”, aka
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Unformatted text preview: nature verses nurture. It is, as I said in my student choice paper, both nature and nurture. Also the paper discussed how children develop schemes, which they talk about when they are explaining how children learn the word “dog”. From there they go to explain how the schemes get more become more restrictive and they develop new schemes for different kinds of dogs. They also talk about Piaget’s different stage theory and how they develop language skills at different stages. They acknowledge that there are different stages of development where different amounts of language development occur. Next the article discusses how parenting is important to proper language development. They give directions of how to listen and be an active part of the child’s developing process. The writer says that the parent cannot be neglectful, like the father was in There Are No Children Here. The parents need to be supportive and involved in the child’s life!...
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