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syl_100_fall_11_published - SPCOM 100 INTERPERSONAL...

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SPCOM 100 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Fall 2011, Thursdays 8:30-11:20 ML 117 Tim Paci Office : ML 254B email : [email protected] Office Hours : Thursdays, 12:30 to 2:20 or by appointment Required Texts: Adler, Ronald B.; Rosenfeld, Lawrence B.; Proctor, Russell F. II; Winder, Constance. Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication (Second Canadian Edition). Don Mills: Oxford UP, 2009 Gergen, Kenneth J.; Schrader, Stuart M.; Gergen, Mary; Constructing Worlds Together: Interpersonal Communication as Relational Process. Boston: Pearson, 2009 100 Handouts . Available at Express Copy, Dana Porter Library COURSE DESCRIPTION SPCOM 100 is a workshop course in effective interpersonal communication that focuses on developing communication skills in one-on-one situations. The course begins with an overview of interpersonal communication and a study of the factors that determine how people communicate. You will also have the opportunity to develop specific skills in areas such as listening, language and non-verbal communication as well as exploring expression of emotion, conflict resolution and assertiveness. COURSE GOALS 1. Increase your awareness of interpersonal communication in yourself and others 2. Gain a familiarity with theories and vocabulary associated with interpersonal communication 3. Reflect on your own communication practices and plan and practice new strategies to hone your skills 4. Design and present a workshop to facilitate learning 5. Become more confident in your own interpersonal communication skills and in answering your own and others’ questions about communication COURSE REQUIREMENTS Marks Breakdown: Meetings/Journal #1 15% Meetings/Journal #2 20% Workshop Presentation 15% Quizzes 20% Feedback Assignment 15 % Class Participation/Professionalism 15%
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COURSE POLICIES Attendance and Punctuality : Because of the interactional and interdependent nature of this course, your attendance is mandatory and is part of your participation grade . You will lose 2% per absence without legitimate cause. Legitimate reasons for absence include illness significant enough to impede your performance—and which will require a doctor’s note verifying significance of your illness—accidents, co-op interviews, and family emergencies such as deaths. Legitimate reasons do not include vacations, campus events, or other coursework. More than two absences without cause may result in my asking you to withdraw from the course. You are expected to arrive to class on time and to remain in class for its duration. I will deduct .5% from your grade for each late arrival or early departure without legitimate reason. If you are late to class, please enter quietly and without disturbing discussions; if you arrive during a presentation, please wait until the presenters are finished to take your seat. First Week of Class:
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syl_100_fall_11_published - SPCOM 100 INTERPERSONAL...

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