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AE202 Problem Set 3: MATLAB DUE: 9 March 2011 Spring 2011 1. Anderson Problems: a. 8.3 b. 8.4 c. 8.5 d. 8.9 e. 8.10 f. 8.11 2. a Mars =1.524 AU 1AU = 1.496 × 10 8 km e Mars =0.0934 μ Sun = G×M Sun = 1.327×10 11 km 3 .s -2 a. What is the speed of Mars at aphelion and at perihelion ? b. What is the period of Mars’ orbit (in days) ?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Suppose the LANDSAT satellite of problem 1 d),e),f) (see Anderson 8.9) uses its thrusters, while at apogee, to increase its speed by 320m.s-1 . What will the new orbit semimajor axis and eccentricity? By how much will the next perigee altitude be increased?...
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