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AE202 Problem Set 6 - b Find the density altitude the...

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AE202 Problem Set 6: DUE: 27 April 2011 Spring 2011 Read Anderson Secs. 5.1- 5.5, 5.11 (just for fun, we won’t discuss supersonic flight in class), 5.13 -5.15. 1. Find the temperature, pressure and density for the standard atmosphere at altitudes of 2000m, 7000m and 10000m. Use SI units. By what percentage is density reduced (vs. sea level) at 10000 m, which is a common cruising altitude for jets ? 2. Suppose temperature (on a given day) at 7000 m is 10°C less than the temperature of the standard atmosphere at that altitude. What will be the actual pressure and density at 7000 m. 3. On a hot summer day in Boston (elev. is sea-level) the temperature is 29.5°C (85°F) . a) Find the air density assuming the pressure at sea level is still the standard value.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Find the density altitude, the altitude in the standard atmosphere at which the density would be the same as it on the “nonstandard” day in Boston. (Use SI units). Departing Boston on a hot summer day is equivalent to departing an airport (at the density altitude you will find) on a standard (15°C) day. 4. Anderson problem 5.3. Find lift and drag (in N). Ignore the part about finding the moment. Also find L/D. Note that Example 5.1 is very similar to this problem. However, the example assumes “standard sea-level conditions” which do not pertain for this problem because the temperature is non-standard (for sea-level) 303 K . So you must first determine the corrected value of free stream density ± ² . 5. Anderson problem 5.4...
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