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AE202 Midterm Exam (55 minutes, open book) Spring 2011 a Earth = 1AU, a Venus = 0.723AU, 1AU = 1.496×10 8 km , μ sun = 1.327×10 11 km 3 .s -2 Earth to Venus sample return mission. a) Find the total Δv required for the Earth-Venus leg of the mission. Assume that both orbits are circular and coplanar, and that the transfer is a Hohmann transfer. b) Find the time of flight from Earth to Venus (in days). c) On the transfer trajectory (after initial impulse Δv 1 but before impulse Δv 2 ), what are the ranges of the following variables. i. radius – r ii. semi-major axis – a iii. true anomaly – f iv. mean anomaly – M v. eccentric anomaly – E d) Find the precise position of Venus with respect to Earth required on the day of departure from Earth. (That is, find the separation between the planets in degrees). Draw a figure showing the relative positions of the planets at departure. Assume the planets are moving counter-clockwise about the Sun. e)
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