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Coil Moving through a Magnetic Field Given: F i n d : 2 R ? F cm w 3 cm L 8 T B 6 . 1 cm L B 15 s cm v / 5 s t 8 . 0 At t=0, a rectangular coil of resistance R = 2 ohms and dimensions w = 3 cm and L = 8 cm enters a region of constant magnetic field B = 1.6 T directed into the screen as shown. The length of the region containing the magnetic field is L B = 15 cm. The coil is observed to move at constant velocity v = 5 cm/s. What is the force required at time t = 0.8 sec to maintain this velocity?
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Unformatted text preview: Solutions a.) To find F we can use the following formula: In one of the pre-lectures (15 or 16)we got the following formula sin vBL but according to our picture L=w vBw R P 2 power use by the resistor power we provide The two powers are equal v F P ext v F R ext 2 R Bw v vR vBw vR F ext 2 2 2 R Bw v F 2...
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