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Cylindrical Capacitor Given: Find: nF C 20 0 ? final Q V V 12 6 . 2 k An air-gap parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C 0 = 20 nF is connected to a battery with voltage V = 12 V. While the capacitor remains connected to the battery, we insert a dielectric ( = 2.6) into the gap of the capacitor, filling one half of the volume as shown above. What is Q final , the charge on the capacitor in the final situation?
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Unformatted text preview: Solutions a.) To find we can use the following formula: final Q V Q C V C Q that’s if the dielectric filled all of the volume kC C 1 2 2 2 k C C kC C V k C V C Q final 1 2 2 1 V k C Q final...
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