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lec0408-Hashing2 - Announcements MP 6 available Due 4/15...

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Announcements: MP 6 available. Due 4/15, 11:59p. No sections this week. Today: More Hashing A Hash Table consists of: 1.An array 2.A hash function 3.A collision resolution strategy
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Hashing Strings (an example) Given: 8 character strings are easy to hash The idea: Select 8 random positions from long strings and hash that substring. A bunch of strings: Lookyhere, Huck, being rich ain't going No! Oh, good-licks; are you in real dead Just as dead earnest as I'm sitting here nto the gang if you ain't respectable, y Can't let me in, Tom? Didn't you let me Yes, but that's different. A robber is m irate is -- as a general thing. In most Now, Tom, hain't you always ben friendly ut, would you, Tom? You wouldn't do that Huck, I wouldn't want to, and I DON'T wa ay? Why, they'd say, 'Mph! Tom Sawyer's t!' They'd mean you, Huck. You wouldn't uck was silent for some time, engaged in Well, I'll go back to the widder for a m can come to stand it, if you'll let me All right, Huck, it's a whiz! Come along Will you, Tom -- now will you? That's go he roughest things, I'll smoke private a hrough or bust. When you going to start Oh, right off. We'll get the boys togeth
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