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UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO College of Engineering CIVE 1160: MECHANICS OF MATERIALS Summer 2011 Sections 041 & 091: MTWR 11:00-11:50 PL 3020 INSTRUCTOR: Alexander Spivak OFFICES: Nitschke Hall 4050 OFFICE HOURS:MW 10:00-11:00 OFFICE PHONE: 530-8036 e-mail: [email protected] Prerequisites: CIVE 1160, Engineering Mechanics: Statics Math-1860 Calculus II Conduct of the Course: Four hours per week including lectures and discussions. There are reading assignments, quizzes, homework problems, and a final examination. Statics Quiz: If you cannot find reactions and internal forces, you cannot succeed in this course. This is a stark, brutal reality. My job is to help you master statics and to motivate you to expend the effort to do it. During the second class, there will be a quiz covering the aspects of statics essential to this course. If you do not get at least 80% in the statics quiz, you will be required to attend statics problem sessions and retake the quiz. If you decline to attend the review sessions and are not successful retaking the statics quiz, you will receive a zero for the quiz.
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