final review sheet - North America Native America Grass...

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North America, Native America Grass Dance (Sioux). Plains Style. Oral tradition Steady single or duple meter repetition of phrases and vocables falsetto tense, high singing Yebichai (Navajo). Nightway ceremony nightway ceremony takes over nine nights yebichai = ancestor deities purification dance, songs, and masks last night, yebichai songs teams compete. Winner gets prize entirely vocables Sub-Saharan Africa Interlocking melodies Dense, overlapping textures, buzzy timbre Flexible approaches to rhythms (4 or 6 feel) Agbekor music of Ewe Protectors: Ancestors Funerals(?) but originates as a war dance Polyrhythm(3:2) in 12 beats Inst: gankogui, axatse, kidi, kloboto, totodzi “Nhemamusasa” (Shona of Zimbabwe). Mbira Mbira: plucked idiophone Religious music Part of bira ceremony Kushaura(leading) and kutsinhira(following) Hosho (the shaker inst) “Nyarai” Thomas Mapfumo. Pop music w/ shone characteristics Zimbabwe Independence at 1980 Chimurenga (“Struggle”) Combines mbira with pop Inst: electric guitar + drumset Staged, studio production
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North America Blues: “Poor Boy Blues” Oral tradition Musical Theater: Tonight, West side story Love duet between Tony and Maria Cannot be taken out of the context Integration
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final review sheet - North America Native America Grass...

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