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Math 241 – Class Information for sections 1 and 2- Spring 2012 Instructor : Elizabeth J. Dempster Office : SAS 3240 Email : Office Hours Monday and Wednesday 12:30-1:30 : by James Stewart Maple 10 or 11 (optional purchase); Free Access is available on campus WebAssign Access Code (purchase online) Course Objectives : This course will help students to implement selected integration techniques, apply integration to physics and engineering, solve selected first and second order differential equations, determine convergence and divergence of series using selected tests, and use maple to improve visual and conceptual understanding of concepts. Course Prerequisites : C- or better in MA 141 or placement via Level Two Achievement Test. Mastery of algebra, trigonometry and derivatives is essential for success in MA 241. Tests Dates: These dates are coordinated with other departments so they cannot be changed. Each student is asked to submit 5 blue “Examination” booklets before the first test. Do not write anything on the books. Test #1 Wednesday, February 1 Test #2 Monday, February 27 Test #3 Monday, March 26 Test #4 Friday, April 20 Make-up policy for missing these scheduled tests: Test make-up policy is in accordance with the University policy ( 1. All anticipated absences must be excused in advance of the test date. These include University duties or trips (certified by an appropriate faculty or staff
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This note was uploaded on 01/25/2012 for the course MA 241 taught by Professor Mccollum during the Spring '08 term at N.C. State.

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MA241SyllabusS12 - Math 241 Class Information for sections...

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