Art His Venice High Renn

Art His Venice High Renn - Venice Venetian painters tended...

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Venice: - Venetian painters tended to push material qualities of work - Inserted pleasure of creation and viewing sensuality St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice - eastern quality to cathedral - Bellini, St. Francis in Ecstacy - Patriarch of high Venetian rennaisance - Moved it to another level - Early adopters of oil paint o On wooden panel - Taught in international style - Compared to other St. Francis piece o Receives marks of Christ’s crucifixion, stigmata o In recent painting, Bellini has naturalized the narrative Lives in and among nature Greeting morning As if natural light of countryside is bathing him instead of stigmada “bathed in divine light” - emphasis on detail - Compared to Montegne, Dead Christ o Emphasis on linearity o Early Bellini style is indebted to Montegne (brother in law) - Also, influential to German artist Bellini, San Zaccaria Altarpiece - quick to adapt into high renaissance innovations - oil on wood - alterpeice has similar architecture o round arches are echoed o creates imaginary space - naturalistic touch o can see outside the arches, outdoors o naturalistic light very convincing and appealing N Italy and N Europe - All are on same scale, and seem to share the same space o Seem aware of one another - Sacca Conversatione o School of Athens is also an example Figures from different time periods eisting in same frame conversing with one another Lighting is similar Very close to one another
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Art His Venice High Renn - Venice Venetian painters tended...

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