Memorandum Team A - Memorandum To: Professor Jill...

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Memorandum To: Professor Jill Friedstad-Tate, Business Perspectives Instructor From: Mark Blank, Kuleya Bruce, Tonya Cook, Travis Dorso, Carlos Evans Date: 1/26/12 Re: Team A Memo (Introductions) The memo presented is to introduce the members of our team and to present the current strengths and challenges that make up the team. Currently there are five members that form Team A who have diverse backgrounds and will make significant contributions with the ability to provide important life experience lessons and information from the jobs that have been encounter by each individual into our marketplace simulation. The first team member, Mark Blank, is 29 years old and hails from Omaha, Nebraska. Mark is a great listener and communicator. He is a very open minded person and has the ability to defuse tense situations and sees adversity as another opportunity to move forward or better one’s self. As far education and experience, Mark has earned his Associates degree in business management and his Bachelors in IT (Information Technology) with a focus on database management. At this time while pursuing his MBA, he is currently seeking employment in the IT industry. The second team member, Kuleya Bruce, is a recent graduate of Drury University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture as well as a Bachelors degree in Art with a focus in Art History. She also has obtained a certificate in Business Administration with minors in Global Perspectives and Design Arts. Kuleya’s work experience is as diverse as her academic accomplishments. Previously she has worked in childcare, education, food service, retail, hospitality, architecture, accounting, technology services, and logistics and supply industries. Currently she is working in early childhood education, market research, and retail.
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Memorandum Team A - Memorandum To: Professor Jill...

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