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Polarities and Polarity Management

Polarities and Polarity Management - Polarities and...

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Polarities and Polarity Management Polarities and Polarity Management. Managers, children, teachers, students, parents; these groups of people are faced with polarities everyday of their lives and are very much unaware of it. Managers have to make daily decisions on what to focus on to accomplish the overall goal ahead for an organization while having to meet the needs of diverse individuals that need more attention than others or have ideas on how attain a certain result. Teachers and parents set the foundation on teaching their children right from wrong and how to take care of themselves and be considerate of others. Students are faced with decisions ranging from what schools to attend based on what is available to them financial and what benefits they would obtain as result of attending a particular college. All of these above mentioned scenarios are involved a numerous amount of factors that do not have a single answer but multiple possibilities. What are Polarities? The Merriam-Webster dictionary has about four different definitions of what polarities are:1) the tendency of bodies having opposite magnetic poles to arrange themselves so that their two extremities point to the two magnetic poles of the earth ; 2) any tendency to turn, grow, think, feel, etc. in a certain way or direction, as if because of magnetic attraction or repulsion ; 3) the fact or condition of being divided into two opposing groups; 4) the having or showing of contrary qualities, powers, tendencies, forms, etc.: said as of the roots and stems of a plant or the two electrodes of a battery; 5) the condition of being positive or negative with respect to some reference point or object, as electricity 1 In layman terms, polarities always has two poles. Both of these poles most notably can have negative or positive results. Identify with everyday 1 www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/polarities
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situations in your life or feelings. There’s happy versus sad, good versus bad, day versus night, right versus wrong, patience versus impatience, inhaling and exhaling breath. Polarity Management Applying this to the business sector, Barry Johnson (1998), who wrote “Polarity Management A Summary Introduction”, explains that polarities are ongoing, chronic issues that are unsolvable and unavoidable (Johnson, 1998, p.2). This brings up the method known as Polarity Management. As stated earlier, polarities have two poles and the objective of Polarity Management is to obtain both the “Ups” of both of those polarities. In order to do this one must
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Polarities and Polarity Management - Polarities and...

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