Funding Memorandium-Unit 1-Travis Dorso

Funding Memorandium-Unit 1-Travis Dorso - MEMORANDUM TO...

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Unformatted text preview: MEMORANDUM TO: JACK DANIELS, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT FOR HUMAN RESOURCES AT SYNONYM FROM: TRAVIS DORSO, HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANT AT SYNONYM DATE: 6/7/2011 SUBJECT: REQUESTING FUNDING FOR BUSINESS WRITING COURSE AT ACRONYM UNIVERSITY This memo is to seek a request for funding in order for a business writing class to be taken to enhance writing skills and receive a better understanding of business writing. This will increase performance and better communication as a consultant and will therefore produce and exceed desired results in the Human Resources sector of our company. The benefits that our Human Resources department will gain in such an effort will directly effect and close the gap on some of the ensuing issues that occur in our department and will improve the company’s production overall by: • Delivering clear and concise instructions in ongoing training for current employees • Giving ongoing training to managers and how managers can better communicate with employees through various forms of communication such as verbal, e-mail and print • Better communicate the ideal candidate for entry level, mid-level, and executive positions including pre-requisites (if required), experience (if required), moral character, operating...
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Funding Memorandium-Unit 1-Travis Dorso - MEMORANDUM TO...

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