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Unit 2-Pyramid Principle Paragraph Exercise-Travis Dorso

Unit 2-Pyramid Principle Paragraph Exercise-Travis Dorso -...

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Norms, rules, roles, and networks are situational factors that influence encoding and decoding of both verbal and nonverbal messages within a culture. Norms are culturally ingrained principles of correct and incorrect behaviors that, if broken, carry a form of overt or covert penalty. Rules are formed to clarify cloudy areas of norms. A role includes the behavioral expectations of a position within a culture and is affected by norms and rules. They are unwritten guidelines people within cultural group follow. Networks are formed with personal ties and involve an exchange of assistance. Networks and the need to belong are the basis of friendships and subgroups. The ability to develop networks in intercultural situations can enable you to do business more effectively in multicultural environments. In some cultures such as Arab, Spanish, and Japanese, networking is essential because they prefer to conduct business with people they know or with associated of people they know. When the United States decided to help the people
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Unformatted text preview: of Kuwait defend themselves against Iraq in 1992, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations called in the other ambassadors within his network for their concurrence. Explanation of re-arrangement of sentences As a reader that is either assigned to reading material or any other document, in the very first sentence there is a summarization of what is ahead. What is the purpose of the document? What will be understood by the end of the document? This is sometimes easy to explain in the first sentence. Sometimes it’s explained in the first paragraph depending on the text. That is the reasoning used to choose the very first sentence which is deemed the introduction. After choosing the first sentences the other sentences were simply based off of the order in which the first sentence stated the various situational factors. After identifying the order, it was a matter of easy flowing in which the paragraph as a whole would make sense thus giving you the above re-arranged paragraph....
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